Keeping Service at the Forefront

Jen Becher & Katie Terry – 02/17/2022

When hearing the phrase “client experience,” SS&C’s Black Diamond Wealth Platform users may likely think of the Client Experience portal. However, our service teams look at these words from the perspective of an advisory firm – focusing on the advisor’s ability to leverage platform capabilities that support their client’s overall financial journey. By examining the service team’s accomplishments last year, as well as our 2022 goals, we’re able to ensure our commitment to offering a best-in-class service experience for wealth management firms.

Looking back on 2021, the Black Diamond platform continued to grow and transform in many areas, including: 

  • Increased adoption of the Case Management feature that empowers advisors to easily submit and track a support request. In 2021, users submitted over 57,000 cases, with 34% of those inquiries closed the same day.
  • We made significant enhancements to the Rebalancer platform and have seen an increase in the overall adoption of this solution.
  • The Black Diamond Product Team developed and implemented 120 ideas submitted by our clients via the platform’s Great Ideas feature.
  • We started reopening several of our offices and scheduling face-to-face client engagements.


The Black Diamond team continues to break the mold by investing in the platform’s technology and focusing on the growth of our service team. This doesn’t simply mean increasing the size of the team; we also equip them with the technology needed to support our clients. In fact, this year, we’re adding more resources, enhanced service technology, and quicker time to solutions. Our plans to roll out these improvements to our offerings include:

  • More Resources - - Approximately 50% of the SS&C Advent employees that serve Black Diamond are a part of the Client Experience Team. Based on your feedback, we’re actively increasing support and the number of resources on our Rebalancer team to meet demand due to the growth within the platform. This year we will continue to offer implementation assistance for onboarding new business, regardless of where clients are in their life cycle. Lastly, we’re excited to relaunch our regional workshops later this year. The dates and locations of these training workshops will be released soon.
  • Enhanced Service Technology – We are currently rolling out a new phone system to support each client’s connection to their service team. We’ve also launched case surveys to understand the best way to leverage it as a tool within our holistic approach to service. Additionally, our Data Conversion Team continues to expand capabilities and offer better conversion options, making transitioning data onto our platform more efficient.
  • Quicker Time to Solution– This year, we’re focusing on creating more internal subject matter experts within specific areas of the platform. These resources will be available to support clients or their service team on their behalf. Our teams are also actively creating more formalized communication lines between Black Diamond and other SS&C product offerings that seamlessly integrate with the platform including Salentica, Innovest, and RCI. Additionally, we’re making more tools available so our clients have options for making updates within Black Diamond, examples include leveraging our API, uploading changes via self-service tools, or sending change requests to the team. 


By providing unparalleled support and ongoing training, the service team can focus on ensuring advisory firms get the most out of our cloud-native platform. We are excited to partner with our clients in 2022 and look forward to having more opportunities to connect in person.

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