Data Done Right

Start your day with immediate access to accurate and up-to-date information.
Accurate and dynamic data allows you to operate efficiently and confidently. On your behalf, an expert team automatically performs daily data aggregation and reconciliation to the asset level.
  • All-Inclusive

    Extensive data comes from hundreds of sources such as direct custodian feeds, the Advent Custodial® Data network, and third-party account aggregators. At no additional cost, supplemental details are added such as prices, indexes, and ratings.

  • Secure

    The highest security standards are built into the platform and monitored by seasoned data and privacy professionals. Access is granted via multi-factor authentication, device registration, and permission controls.

  • Reliable

    Audit tools are used to identify changes, outliers, and discrepancies. Exceptions are then handled automatically so the platform contains quality data.

  • Holistic

    Alternative investment tracking enables you to add assets and pricing so the marketable data is reflected accurately in reporting.

  • Transparent

    Self-serve tools give you process awareness and the capability to analyze, monitor, and make necessary changes.

  • Before undertaking our transition, one of our biggest concerns was the data conversion from our prior system. Black Diamond’s team lead us through a methodical process, resulting in a high-quality conversion. Their team is knowledgeable, thorough, and tireless in their efforts to help get it done. It was a successful, well-managed process, from start to finish.
    Stephane Bouvel
    CFP® Bouvel Investment Partners, LLC
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    Jennifer Kirksey from Tolleson Wealth Management discusses why the ability to bring in over 20 years of data helped her firm select Black Diamond.

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  • Product Brief

    The daily reconciliation process is thorough, timely, and focused on data quality.

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