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Leverage the power of an enterprise CRM in a managed experience.
The Black Diamond CRM redefines the advisor experience by delivering an enterprise platform with industry-specific features in a managed package. This comprehensive managed services approach reduces administrative burden and technology maintenance by operating as the outsourced admin on a firm’s behalf and freeing up valuable time for you to concentrate on developing stronger connections with your clients.
  • Managed Experience

    Eliminate the need for internal administrators and the burden of organizational maintenance and updates. Your designated Service Team installs and manages the configuration of approved apps, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Client Growth & Retention

    Act on critical financial details, engage clients at the right moments, and efficiently manage account openings to foster new client growth and retention.

  • Unified Workflows

    Thoughtful connections and a powerful workflow engine allow you to orchestrate complex internal processes between the front and back office, unifying teams, reducing email clutter, and eliminating mundane tasks.

  • Designed to Scale

    Gain access to scalable infrastructure and a suite of tools that complement one another and can handle a growing business's demands and configuration challenges.

  • Product Brief

    Time-saving features, such as InTouch and Workflow Manager, empower you to allocate resources wisely, ensuring a personalized, efficient, and profitable approach to client relationships.

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  • Press Release

    SS&C unveils groundbreaking Black Diamond CRM, elevating the advisor experience.

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  • The Black Diamond CRM incorporates robust CRM capabilities into SS&C's Black Diamond Wealth Platform and brings the power of the leading enterprise CRM platform to advisory firms of all sizes to fit their business.
    Steve Leivent
    Co-General Manager SS&C Advent

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