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Black Diamond offers a vast integration network, giving you the freedom to select and connect the technology solutions that best fit your firm’s unique business needs.

  • Nitrogen Platform Partner - Portfolio Analytics
  • RightCapital Platform Partner - Financial Planning
  • SMArtX Platform Partner - Other
  • SS&C Salentica Platform Partner - CRM
  • ACA Group Compliance
  • Accelerize360 CRM
  • ACM Compliance
  • Act Analytics Portfolio Analytics
  • Advent Insurance Marketplace Powered by DPL Other
  • AdvisorPeak Trading and Rebalancing
  • Advizr Financial Planning
  • AdvisorVue Portfolio Analytics
  • Andes Wealth Technologies Portfolio Analytics
  • AppCrown CRM
  • Arch Other
  • Asset-Map™ Financial Planning
  • Financial Virtues<sup>TM</sup> Other
  • BlackRock Advisor Center Portfolio Analytics
  • BlazePortfolio Trading and Rebalancing
  • BNY Mellon | Pershing Custodians
  • Box Other
  • Canoe Intelligence Other
  • Chaikin Analytics Portfolio Analytics
  • Cheshire Wealth Manager Financial Planning
  • Chicago Clearing Other
  • DPL Financial Partners Other
  • eMoney Financial Planning
  • Everysk Portfolio Analytics
  • factorE Portfolio Analytics
  • Factset Portfolio Analytics
  • Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions<sup>®</sup> Custodians
  • Goldman Sachs Advisor Solutions Custodians
  • HiddenLevers Portfolio Analytics
  • ICE Other
  • IncomeConductor Other
  • inStream Financial Planning
  • intelliflo redblack Trading and Rebalancing
  • iRebal Trading and Rebalancing
  • Junxure CRM
  • Kwanti Portfolio Analytics
  • Libretto Financial Planning
  • LifeYield Other
  • Luminary Other
  • MoneyGuidePro Financial Planning
  • Other
  • Morningstar Other
  • Pantenix Other
  • Plaid Other
  • PractiFI CRM
  • Redtail Technology CRM
  • RiXtrema Portfolio Analytics
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Schwab Advisor Services™ Custodians
  • Skience CRM
  • Slack Compliance
  • SmartRIA Compliance
  • Smartleaf Trading and Rebalancing
  • SS&C Accord Portfolio Analytics
  • SS&C GlobeOp Other
  • SS&C Innovest Other
  • SS&C Rendezvous Trading and Rebalancing - Financial Planning
  • SS&C Risk and Compliance Intelligence Platform Compliance
  • Other
  • StratiFi Technologies Inc Portfolio Analytics
  • Timelineapp Tech Limited Financial Planning
  • Tolerisk Portfolio Analytics
  • TIFIN Risk Portfolio Analytics
  • tRx Trading and Rebalancing
  • Vanilla Other
  • Wealthbox CRM
  • Wealthcare Capital Management Financial Planning
  • XLR8 CRM
  • YCharts Portfolio Analytics
  • Yourefolio Financial Planning


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Connecting the Dots of Your Practice so You Can Connect with Your Clients.

  • Nitrogen

    Partnership Overview

    The Nitrogen Growth Platform empowers advisors and firms to transform fearful investors who make bad decisions into fearless investors who make great decisions — and great decisions are the fuel advisory firms use to deliver amazing long-term financial outcomes that change people’s lives.

    For example, with over 5 million Risk Numbers® generated to date, Nitrogen makes investors 3x less anxious about their financial outlook. Nitrogen’s process for engaging clients and prospects enables firms to build one cohesive firm with a unifying value proposition for every investor.

    Nitrogen is one of four Platform Partners to integrate with the Black Diamond Wealth Platform in a way that provides financial advisors and their clients with a more unified experience. As a Platform Partner, Nitrogen is firmly committed to providing resources to build deep two-way integrations with Black Diamond. 

  • RightCapital

    Partnership Overview

    RightCapital is an innovative Fintech firm focused on financial planning technology. Founded by accomplished and successful industry executives in 2012, RightCapital created the goal of developing next generation financial planning software that advisors can use to simplify financial planning and provide unparalleled user experience for their clients. 

    RightCapital provides a revolutionary financial planning tool that redefines the planning experience. RightCapital’s modern design and ease of use allows advisors to cut down the time and cost of creating plans and focus on interaction with their clients. RightCapital supports comprehensive financial planning including industry-leading tax planning capabilities such as Roth IRA conversions and tax-efficient retirement distributions.

  • SMArtX

    Partnership Overview

    SMArtX Advisory Solutions is the next generation turnkey asset management platform using proprietary trading and managed accounts technology to power SMArtX, SS&C Advent's integrated unified managed account solution. It is the only platform to offer traditional, alternative, and passive index investment strategies in a unified managed account structure.

    SMArtX is one of the four preferred Platform Partners to integrate with the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform. By leveraging Black Diamond reporting partnered with SMArtX’s extensive platform, the combined solution delivers a managed account experience like no other.

    With SMArtX and Black Diamond, advisors can:

    • Access SMArtX directly from their main Black Diamond dashboard
    • Gain access to hundreds of investment managers and strategies
    • Benefit from a complete investment ecosystem with SMArtX data seamlessly integrated into Black Diamond
    • Generate Black Diamond reports showing sleeve-level data from SMArtX
  • SS&C Salentica

    Partnership Overview

    Salentica is a market leader in providing innovative, integrated Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Document Management solutions for RIA’s, Broker Dealers, Family Offices, Banks and Trust Companies on a choice of either Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce platforms. Salentica® CRM provides a 360° view of your clients and prospects and is designed specifically for wealth management firms. As a full service CRM solution provider, Salentica helps clients with project management, data conversion, training, custom development and support.

    Salentica has alliances and partnerships with leading technology providers including real time integration to Schwab OpenView Gateway™ and TD Ameritrade Institutional Veo®, form filling software provider Laser App and a host of other products to provide our wealth advisor clients with an integrated CRM experience. Salentica CRM is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook for easy activity history tracking.

    Salentica CRM enables all users within a firm to see one view of the client from Business Development and Marketing, to Client Service, Operations and Compliance teams along with Senior Management – everyone stays on top of client and prospect needs and ensures your firm processes become repeatable, reportable and a differentiator in a competitive landscape.

  • ACA Group

    Partnership Overview

    ACA Group (“ACA”) offers Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) verification and consulting services to investment managers around the world. ACA is the largest team of professionals solely dedicated to GIPS standards verification and related services globally. For more information, please visit

    Our relationship with ACA spans over three types of GIPS compliance and verification services.

    • Pre-verification and compliance consulting
    • GIPS standards verification
    • Performance examinations

    Through this relationship, we have developed seamless integration across Advent Portfolio Exchange and Axys. This integration provides firms with access to resources working collaboratively to synchronize third-party GIPS standards expertise with Advent’s software.

    Advent's data integration with ACA’s compliance tool enables clients to directly link Axys and APX reporting to the GIPS standards verification process. Required data is delivered directly to ACA saving time, improving accounting accuracy, and promoting better client service.

  • Accelerize360

    Partnership Overview

    Accelerize 360 is a Salesforce Partner specialized in client relationship management solutions for Wealth Management firms. Our experience in deploying Salesforce for RIAs gives us a unique and deep perspective on your needs. Through a combination of process automation and system integration, we help increase advisor productivity and client experience.

    View your clients' financial information in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud - in the office or on the road.

    • Sync new clients from Salesforce to Black Diamond
    • Sync Financial Accounts, Holdings and Transactions from Black Diamond to Salesforce
    • Batch data sync on a nightly basis with on-demand real-time sync
  • ACM

    Partnership Overview

    Ascendant Compliance Management is a leader in the compliance and regulatory services industry, offering personalized comprehensive compliance services for firms in the U.S. and abroad.

    Black Diamond integrates with Ascendant Compliance Manager’s Trade Compliance Analyzer product, offering post-trade compliance testing and reporting software solutions for Investment Managers. The platform connects directly to client trading systems providing compliance analysts and traders with timely compliance alerts, risk management workflow tools, and post-trade compliance risk reporting.

  • Act Analytics

    Partnership Overview

    Act Analytics is an ESG ratings provider helping investors and their advisors bring transparency to sustainable investing. The company sources and rates investments according to the ESG criteria that are specific to the individual investor, delivering highly relevant and personalized insights. With full coverage of a global universe of companies and funds and a suite of tools ranging from portfolio construction to practice management, Act Analytics helps advisors deliver portfolios to their clients that truly reflect their values.

    The Act Analytics ESG Platform is the only integrated service on the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform wholly dedicated to ESG investing. The integration gives advisors easy access to an end-to-end solution that helps them talk to their clients about sustainability, build values-aligned portfolios, and report on the ESG metrics that matter.

  • Advent Insurance Marketplace Powered by DPL

    Partnership Overview

    Clients today expect holistic financial planning and wealth management services from their advisors, making insurance a critical tool in the fiduciary advisor’s toolkit. This is why SS&C has partnered with DPL Financial Partners to build the Advent Insurance Marketplace Powered by DPL (AIM).

    Through AIM, advisors have direct, no-cost access to a range of best-in-class annuity, life insurance, disability, and long-term care solutions. This end-to-end experience empowers fiduciary advisors to discover, evaluate, transact, and report on insurance policies alongside other investments, enhancing the financial planning process and the advisor-client relationship.

    Specifically, Black Diamond advisors enjoy benefits such as:

    • Seamless, single-sign-on access to AIM’s products, tools, education, and DPL’s team of licensed insurance consultants.
    • An automatic data feed of selected insurance holdings so the values can be included in client reporting and billed AUM.
    • A dedicated insurance dashboard within the Client View application that launches advisors into AIM and displays a relationship-specific account list of selected policies, detailing the carrier, current market value, tax status, and more.
  • AdvisorPeak

    Partnership Overview

    AdvisorPeak, Inc. was founded by former investment advisors with the vision of bringing exceptional software to the financial services industry. Frustrated by the lack of intuitive trading and rebalancing software available to advisors, its founders developed their own solution to the problem. AdvisorPeak was created to focus on institutional-grade portfolio management and trading software. Designed to meet the real-world needs that advisors and brokers face, AdvisorPeak is the product of years of in-depth research into the logistics of tax-aware portfolio trading and rebalancing, as well as a decade of success in providing innovative software to the financial advisor market. AdvisorPeak offers all investment professionals the opportunity to utilize powerful portfolio management tools at an affordable price.

    AdvisorPeak allows you to trade your portfolios with confidence. With over 10 years of development and refinement, our rebalancing software is the most powerful yet simple way to manage your client portfolios.

  • Advizr

    Partnership Overview

    Advizr creates software that expands consumer and advisor access to high-quality financial planning services. The powerful, automated, interactive financial planning solution empowers advisors to serve their clients in a cost-effective way, regardless of net worth.

  • AdvisorVue

    Partnership Overview

    AdvisorVue is AltExchange’s award-winning alternative investment platform for financial advisors that provides a complete picture of clients’ Alternative Investment portfolios. With AdvisorVue, advisors gain full transparency into their clients’ Alternative Investments, with the ability to:

    • Gain a holistic understanding of their clients’ wealth picture.
    • Access real-time and historical Alternative Investment performance.
    • Integrate Alternative Investment data directly into Black Diamond.
    • Automate Tax Document (K-1, 1099) collection, storage, and distribution.
    • Get instant notifications on Capital Calls and Distribution notices.
    • Offer clients full transparency into their Alternative Investments for the ability to make better financial decisions.
  • Andes Wealth Technologies

    Partnership Overview

    Andes Wealth Technologies is the first company to combine behavioral finance with risk visualization to help financial advisors deliver real insights, better-informed advice, and truly personalized services.

    Through this integration, Black Diamond clients can access Andes’ advanced portfolio analytics and risk visualization to drive meaningful conversations and deepen the advisor-investor relationship. 


    A finalist of the 2020 Industry Award, Andes Wealth Platform is a Total Onboarding platform that includes risk tolerance, client profiling, portfolio analytics and the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

    It also has a special tool to help better protect baby boomer clients and better manage the generational wealth transfer.

  • AppCrown

    Partnership Overview

    AppCrown has developed a simple and intuitive approach designed to automate tasks, remove redundancies, eliminate errors and duplications and ultimately make an advisor’s life easier and help them maximize their CRM’s return on investment.

  • Arch

    Partnership Overview

    Arch manages all document and communications, providing better organization, data, and insights for private investments. Arch leverages software and industry leading insights to automate inefficient work and ultimately save time, eliminate cost, and enhance investors' ability to understand their data.

    Arch connects with the back office for each private investment, receiving all documents and communications in a secure, aggregated platform. Arch keeps your account up to date, adding a layer of automation to investment management tasks.

  • Asset-Map™

    Partnership Overview

    Asset-Map™ is an interactive visual experience used by thousands of financial professionals to help their clients gain a better understanding of their financial situation and make more informed financial decisions. It focuses on the entire household and how those decisions impact each other, in addition to sharing how funded someone is for their financial priorities in real-time.

    Asset-Map™ integrates with the unique Relationship Timeline feature in Black Diamond’s Client Experience portal. Advisors using both systems can share Asset-Maps with clients on the Relationship Timeline web feed.

  • Financial VirtuesTM

    Partnership Overview

    Atlas Point believes in personalized financial advice that empowers people to express how they think and feel about their money. Their behavioral science and analytics platform focuses on helping advisors have more personal and personalized conversations with clients and prospects alike. With a proven ROI, the platform enriches advisors’ relationships and positions their practice for ongoing growth – all while integrating smoothly with their existing tech stack.

    Atlas Point’s innovative platform helps advisors consider each client’s unique way of thinking about financial decision-making. With deeper understanding as a strong foundation, advisors can start better conversations that efficiently address goals, tactfully respond to behavioral tendencies, and set the stage for long-term financial growth.

  • BlackRock Advisor Center

    Partnership Overview

    Black Diamond is integrated into BlackRock’s Advisor Center portfolio analysis tool, 360° Evaluator. Advisors can directly import client portfolios and analyze investments across exposure breakdowns, expenses, risk factors and more.

    BlackRock is one of the world's leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions.

  • BlazePortfolio

    Partnership Overview

    Blaze Portfolio’s rebalancing and trading platform delivers cloud-based, tax-optimized portfolio rebalancing, and scalable trade order management for wealth managers, investment advisors, multi-family offices, digital advisors, and industry partners.

    The platform offers comprehensive trade order management capabilities including real-time electronic order routing to custodians and executing brokers, pre-trade compliance, automated order blocking, and more. Blaze Portfolio supports electronic trading of multiple asset types including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, equity options, and fixed income. The rebalancing features in Blaze Portfolio support highly customized and scalable workflows including household location optimization, global drift analysis, sleeve-level modeling, rules-based modeling, and tax harvesting.

  • BNY Mellon | Pershing

    Partnership Overview

    BNY Mellon | Pershing and its affiliates provide a comprehensive network of global financial business solutions to advisors, broker-dealers, family offices, hedge fund and '40 Act fund managers, registered investment advisor firms and wealth managers. Many of the world's most sophisticated and successful financial services firms rely on Pershing for clearing and custody; investment, wealth and retirement solutions; technology and enterprise data management; trading services; prime brokerage and business consulting. Pershing helps clients improve profitability and drive growth, create capacity and efficiency, attract and retain talent, and manage risk and regulation. With a network of offices worldwide, Pershing provides business-to-business solutions to clients representing approximately 7 million investor accounts globally.

    Pershing LLC (member FINRA, NYSE, SIPC) is a BNY Mellon company.

    Learn more about our existing integrations.

  • Box

    Partnership Overview

    Box is a leader in cloud content management. It enables entire enterprises to store their business critical content securely and centrally manage it in the cloud – making it easier than ever for everyone on a team to access, edit, comment and share any of the files in real time from any device. With a seamless integration into the Black Diamond Wealth Platform’s Document Vault, the frictionless, two-way integration allows all files and folders to be visible and shareable across the two platforms. Thus, enabling an advisory firm to tailor their tech-stack to fit their unique needs, all from one comprehensive platform.

  • Canoe Intelligence

    Partnership Overview

    Canoe Intelligence is a tech-first alts platform developed to empower investors to make smarter investment decisions. From automating document collection to data management workflows, Canoe enables wealth managers and family offices to dramatically improve data accuracy, data access, team efficiency, and client satisfaction.

    Canoe leverages machine learning, AI, and cutting edge technology to eliminate manual document collection and data entry, enabling advisors to focus on dedicating capital and human resources on business growth and performance.

    Forward-thinking alternative investment professionals rely on Canoe’s award winning platform to reliably ingest, categorize, extract, and validate their alternative investment data before delivering that data to downstream systems, like the Black Diamond Wealth Platform, for additional reporting, analysis, or accounting.

  • Chaikin Analytics

    Partnership Overview

    Chaikin Analytics is a stock research service. At the heart, is a multi-factor model that provides Bullish to Bearish ratings on stocks and ETFs. The service provides Advisors with tools to quickly evaluate a stock or a portfolio.

    This integration between Chaikin Analytics and Black Diamond dramatically improves analyzing portfolios and interacting with clients, allowing advisors to automatically load their client holdings from Black Diamond into Chaikin Analytics so they can identify weaknesses and strengths of a client portfolio, improve client interaction, and simplify analyzing portfolios while targeting held-away accounts.

  • Cheshire Wealth Manager

    Partnership Overview

    Cheshire has been building financial planning solutions for more than 20 years, with a focus on independent planners who specialize in high-net-worth clients. Cheshire Wealth Manager uses goal-based or cash flowing planning with Monte Carlo probability analysis to create detailed, easy-to-understand retirement and lifetime income plans. With advanced tax capabilities and audit trails, advisors have the tools to engage new clients and strengthen existing relationships. By integrating with the Black Diamond API, advisors can pull in real-time market value holdings, and cost basis details for new financial plans. Part of the goal with this integration was to eliminate the need for advisors to enter client information on separate systems.

  • Chicago Clearing

    Partnership Overview

    Chicago Clearing Corporation (CCC) is a financial class action claims recovery specialist. With nearly three decades in the class action and financial industry, we are uniquely suited to securities and antitrust class action recovery. Since 1993, CCC has recovered over $1 billion for harmed class members. For 29 years, we have provided the best claim filing service and customer service in the industry. Call today to join nearly 2,700 savvy institutional investors.

  • DPL Financial Partners

    Partnership Overview

    As the leading insurance marketplace for RIAs, DPL Financial Partners enables fiduciary advisors to incorporate insurance and annuities into their practices to serve their clients more holistically. That’s why SS&C Advent has partnered with DPL to build the Advent Insurance Marketplace Powered by DPL (AIM).

    With AIM, advisors get direct, no-cost access to a range of best-in-class annuity, life insurance, disability, and long-term care solutions. Our end-to-end experience empowers fiduciary advisors to discover, evaluate, transact, and report on insurance policies alongside other investments, enhancing the financial planning process and the advisor-client relationship.

    Specifically, Black Diamond advisors enjoy benefits such as:

    • Seamless, single-sign-on access to AIM’s commission-free products, tools, education, and DPL’s team of licensed insurance consultants.
    • An automatic data feed of selected insurance holdings so the values can be included in client, reporting, and build AUM.
    • A dedicated insurance dashboard within Black Diamond’s Client View application that launches advisors straight into AIM and displays a relationship-specific account list of selected policies, detailing the carrier, current market value, tax status, and more.
  • eMoney

    Partnership Overview

    eMoney Advisor, LLC (“eMoney”) is the leading provider of scalable wealth management solutions for financial professionals, firms, and enterprises of all sizes. Rooted in collaborative financial planning, eMoney’s technologies and services enable financial professionals to build stronger client relationships, streamline business operations, and drive revenue and growth. With more than 600 passionate, innovative, and dedicated employees in three locations—including its headquarters in Radnor, Pa.—eMoney is transforming the wealth management experience for 50,000 financial professionals and 2.1 million end-clients nationwide.

  • Everysk

    Partnership Overview

    Everysk Dashboards, by Everysk Technologies, is a front-office platform and leading predictive stress testing solutions that performs early diagnostics, what-if analysis and marketing. It provides comprehensive visual reports to securely share with clients. The integration with enables advisors to have their Black Diamond households, accounts, and holdings automatically appear within Everysk to quickly identify and fix portfolio risk concentrations that do not align with client objectives.

  • factorE

    Partnership Overview

    factorE empowers users to make decisions quickly. Within seconds, a user can get a picture of the risk of an asset or an entire portfolio. With an enhanced understanding of risks, factorE can help you to better align your portfolios with your clients, enhancing your relationships.

    AlphaCore teamed up with global investment banks to bring a simple interface to sophisticated technology, eliminating the steep learning curve, dedicated staff, and cost prohibitive nature of other risk analytic tools. factorE fully integrates with Black Diamond Wealth Platform and allows you to build portfolios, understand risks, compare assets or accounts between each other, and print a report to share with clients.

  • Factset

    Partnership Overview

    FactSet helps the world’s best investment professionals outperform. Stay ahead of global market trends, access extensive company and industry intelligence, and monitor portfolio performance with FactSet’s desktop analytics, mobile applications, and comprehensive data.

  • Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®

    Partnership Overview

    Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions® (FCCS) provides advisors with comprehensive brokerage and investment product solutions via Wealthscape℠, the gateway to FCCS's next generation technology platform. Wealthscape helps registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and family offices manage client portfolios, work more efficiently and meet the demands of today's tech-savvy consumers by providing access to leading-edge technology tools and third-party integrations.

    Learn more about our existing integrations.

    Fidelity is not affiliated with SS&C Advent, home of the Black Diamond Wealth Platform, or its website, and SS&C Advent is not authorized to make representations on behalf of Fidelity. The description of a Fidelity product on this site does not suggest a recommendation or endorsement of SS&C Advent by Fidelity. There is no form of legal partnership, agency, affiliation, or similar relationship among an investment professional, SS&C Advent or its website, and Fidelity Investments, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein. 879378.1.0

  • Goldman Sachs Advisor Solutions

    Partnership Overview

    Goldman Sachs Advisor Solutions offers independent advisors access to institutional-grade solutions and custody services. We transform the advisor experience with an intuitive, digital-forward platform that enhances transparency and gives advisors greater control over their businesses. Our modern, nimble, and ever-evolving open architecture network connects advisors to best-in-class services and tools. More than just a custodian, we are a gateway to the institutional power of Goldman Sachs.

  • HiddenLevers

    Partnership Overview

    HiddenLevers provides the premier portfolio stress testing solution for both portfolio managers and financial advisors everywhere. The cloud-based toolkit includes a macro scenario library, scenario modeling, a scenario hedging wizard, risk profiles for portfolios and individual securities, state-of-the-art charting, and thoughtful client-facing output. HiddenLevers is based in New York City.

    Black Diamond clients can start stress testing accounts quickly with the automated HiddenLevers integration.

  • ICE

    Partnership Overview

    ICE Data Services is a global leader in market data, analytics and connectivity solutions. We offer proprietary market data from a dozen exchanges worldwide, together with indices, fixed-income evaluations and reference data, servicing the rising demand for more capacity and information with feeds, desktops and connectivity services. Our comprehensive, flexible data solutions provide coverage for global markets across all major asset classes.

    Our relationship with ICE Data Services spans four major businesses:

    • Pricing and Reference Data - supplying global securities pricing, evaluations, and reference data for more than 10 million securities, including daily evaluations for approximately 2.7 million fixed income and international equity issues
    • Fixed Income Analytics – providing fixed income portfolio analytics in North America and Europe
    • Desktop Solutions Business: Offering global, real-time market data and decision support tools to active investors and professionals worldwide
    • Real-Time Services – providing real-time global market data and managed solutions to financial institutions, redistributors and online financial portals worldwide
  • IncomeConductor

    Partnership Overview

    IncomeConductor was founded to solve many challenges facing financial professionals today in providing retirement income services. With 10,000 people turning 65 every day and over $25 trillion held in retirement assets, financial professionals are tasked with helping their clients spend the money they’ve worked a lifetime to build. With IncomeConductor’s retirement planning software, customized retirement distribution plans can be created with clients’ unique goals in mind and adapted as their priorities change, all in real-time.

    Benefits for Financial Professionals

    • Redefine your value proposition as a retirement income professional
    • Build a scalable, successful practice focused on the decumulation market
    • Create customized client plans with a time-tested income distribution strategy
  • inStream

    Partnership Overview

    Black Diamond’s independent advisor and wealth manager clients, who use the InStream Solutions financial planning solution will now have access to customer data within InStream Solutions.

    Black Diamond’s independent advisor and wealth manager clients, who use the InStream Solutions financial planning solution will now have access to customer data within InStream Solutions. The integrated portfolio and account data within InStream Solutions from the Black Diamond will help our mutual clients better communicate with their clients and efficiently run their practice.

  • intelliflo redblack

    Partnership Overview

    intelliflo redblack, previously known as RedBlack Software, is an award-winning platform that offers comprehensive rebalancing and trading capabilities, including portfolio monitoring, pre-trade and post-trade compliance and order management, all within a single multi-custodial solution. It enables advisors to respond quickly to market movements and direct trades across thousands of portfolios. intelliflo redblack is one of the industry’s only remaining standalone rebalancing and trading solutions.

    intelliflo redblack is transforming the rebalancing and trading market by allowing advisors to increase efficiencies, serve more clients, and grow. The platform’s steady and consistent innovation ensures that advisors can leverage the latest technologies to future-proof their business and stay ahead of the competition by delivering value-added services. These enhancements are strong examples of how intelliflo redblack enables advisors to navigate market complexities with greater speed, efficiency, and precision.

    intelliflo redblack recently introduced wash sales enhancements. intelliflo redblack can now detect wash sales across accounts or households when rebalancing individual accounts and families, which is critical for cash and tax management. This capability ensures firms comply with the IRS wash sale rule while protecting their clients’ access to cash management and tax-loss harvesting advantages by offsetting capital gains.

    Leveraging leading technology like intelliflo redblack helps advisors accomplish more with fewer resources and free time for more meaningful interactions with clients – ultimately widening access to financial advice.

  • iRebal

    Partnership Overview

    iRebal®, the intelligent rebalancer, is a customizable, rule-based rebalancing application that can help you reduce the legwork in complex investment management and rebalancing processes. Allowing you to rebalance according to your unique approach, iRebal offers you more effective portfolio management designed for tax-efficient rebalancing, dynamic cash management, tax loss harvesting*, and more—all through a user-friendly interface.

    iRebal can streamline weeks-long manual rebalancing processes down to hours—putting you in a better position to potentially improve consistency and efficiency across your operation, reduce operational costs for portfolio rebalancing and trading, better manage risk based on the parameters you choose, respond dynamically to changing markets, and grow your business at a faster pace.

    *iRebal offers a flexible tax harvesting feature that allows you to set various loss thresholds for taxable accounts, total loss targets for portfolios, and choose a replacement security for each harvested security. Once the thresholds have been set, iRebal identifies eligible losses in taxable accounts, and shows you the securities that fit the criteria that you have defined.

    TD Ameritrade, Inc. and Black Diamond are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each others products, services or opinions. Brokerage services are provided exclusively by TD Ameritrade, Inc.

    iRebal products and services property of ThinkTech, Inc., an affiliate of TD Ameritrade, Inc. Brokerage services provided by TD Ameritrade Institutional, Division of TD Ameritrade, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.

  • Junxure

    Partnership Overview

    Junxure is a CRM solutions provider and practice improvement firm that provides technology, consulting and training to help financial advisors build their dream firm. Founded by an award-winning advisor, Junxure’s advisor-specific CRM solutions - Junxure® and Junxure Cloud™ - support enhanced productivity and stronger client relationships through a broad range of advisor-specific capabilities and powerful workflow automation tools. ClientView Live provides a secure client portal and document vault, enabling firms to extend their services to the web through on-demand reports and two-way online communication.

    Junxure Mobile provides secure, live web access to Junxure CRM, enabling firms to access information anywhere, anytime on a variety of mobile devices. Junxure focuses on customer experience and results, combined with the service and support of a team of experienced wealth management professionals, technologists and practice management experts. Junxure is committed to delivering industry-leading CRM solutions with both installed software and via the cloud to help advisors improve service while enhancing profitability.

  • Kwanti

    Partnership Overview

    Analyze portfolios with confidence, make compelling presentations and win new clients. Kwanti analytics are used daily by hundreds of firms to manage model portfolios, analyze existing client portfolios and generate proposals for prospects.

    With Kwanti/Black Diamond® integration, client position data can be imported and updated automatically into Kwanti analytics. The integration is setup in minutes.

  • Libretto

    Partnership Overview

    Libretto delivers a powerful advice platform built to manage wealth ranging from the least to the most complex. The result is a highly tailored solution for each client, enabled by a scalable process that addresses all client assets, liabilities, and objectives.

    With a suite of tools spanning financial planning, portfolio construction, and wealth management, Libretto serves as the control panel for managing the client’s full financial structure. Libretto provides professional training, white-label advisor materials, and CIO augmentation to complement the technology. The full delivery empowers advisors with a differentiated narrative that drives more wins, expands wallet share, and opens opportunities to move upmarket.

  • LifeYield

    Partnership Overview

    LifeYield is the leading fintech solution that enables advisors to provide tax-smart & risk-smart management of an investor's entire portfolio so they can make more and keep more. LifeYield's Taxficient Score®, Income Advantage® and Social Security Advantage® differentiate advisors by showing investors optimal tax strategies to help investors improve after-tax returns by 1-2% per year.

    LifeYield's Proposal Advantage Suite® allows you to join over 20,000 advisors in creating tax-smart proposals that illustrates the Taxficient Score®, quantify the value of your advice and show how to optimally implement the recommendations.

    LifeYield integrates with Black Diamond by using reconciled accounts, holdings, classes, segments, and tax lot data to create a Taxficient Score® and for use in LifeYield Portfolio Advantage® and Income Advantage® offerings.

  • Luminary

    Partnership Overview

    Luminary is a data and collaboration platform purpose built for trust & estate services. The cutting-edge software digitizes information otherwise trapped in original documents, and connects it with applications for visualization, what-if analysis, tax value creation tracking, and custom reporting. It also enables third-parties to work seamlessly in service of a shared client. Luminary’s customers are leaders in the delivery of trust & estate outcomes for complex clients, including wealth managers, professional services practices, and family offices. The platform enables advisors to:

    • Increase team efficiency and scale efforts across more clients in less time
    • Own the value of tax-alpha and elevate how clients appreciate trust & estate services
    • Deliver a consistent, ‘family office’ experience
  • MoneyGuidePro

    Partnership Overview

    MoneyGuidePro is the financial planning software of choice for seven years running, according to Financial Planning's RIA survey. That's because we make planning all about the client. Our collaborative online approach motivates clients to become involved, engaged, then invested. MGP's unique ability to make sophisticated, goal-based planning fast and easy makes for a more profitable experience for clients and advisors. Because MGP is smart, easy-to-use and adaptable, you can now provide a profitable planning experience for every client. For all the powerful planning tools you'd expect, plus a Social Security maximizer, easy technology integration and exclusive account aggregation, use MoneyGuidePro.

  • Partnership Overview
  • Morningstar

    Partnership Overview

    Morningstar DirectSM for Wealth Management empowers wealth managers to confidently deliver bespoke, professional advice through accessible, customizable reports built on Morningstar’s independent investment data, cutting-edge research, and advanced, holdings-based analytics.

    Morningstar Direct covers over 583,000 investments and real-time market data on approximately 22.3 million exchange-traded equities, derivatives, commodities, futures, foreign exchanges, and precious metals.

  • Pantenix

    Partnership Overview

    Pantenix realized the need for a better solution to enable firms to seamlessly collect and validate data from alternative investments, ensuring accurate reconciliation and reporting.

    Pantenix uses advanced OCR technology and an algorithmic multi-step analytic process to intelligently & accurately extract data from any PDF document into usable extracts compatible with any portfolio accounting system- automating the manual data entry your operations team performs when it comes to managing alternative investments.

  • Plaid

    Partnership Overview

    Plaid® is a data network that powers the tools millions of people rely on to live a healthier financial life. Plaid works with thousands of companies like Venmo, SoFi, and Betterment, several of the Fortune 500, and many of the largest banks to make it easy for people to connect their financial accounts to the apps and services they want to use. Plaid’s network covers more than 12,000 financial institutions across the US, Canada, UK and Europe. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company was founded in 2013 by Zach Perret and William Hockey.

  • PractiFI

    Partnership Overview

    PractiFI is the business management platform for financial advice, retirement and insurance. It provides a single source of truth for client information and allows advisors to run their business in the cloud, automate processes, integrate point solutions and engage more meaningfully with customers.

    The integration empowers financial advisors to offer better quality advice to their clients, with easy access to accurate portfolio data in a client context. Advisors will benefit from seamless synchronization of portfolio balances and information between the two platforms and increased visibility, enabling simple portfolio rebalancing and more.

  • Redtail Technology

    Partnership Overview

    Founded in 2003, Redtail Technology is a leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), compliant text messaging solutions (Redtail Speak), paperless office, and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. The company is dedicated to helping advisors efficiently grow their firms by providing them with the core technologies that drive their day-to-day operations, offering low cost and easy to implement applications and integrating with many of the industry's most widely used applications. As a pioneer in the financial technology industry, Redtail is committed to providing advisors exceptional customer service and strives to contribute in meaningful ways to its local communities in California, Arizona, and Georgia.

    With the Black Diamond and Retail CRM integration, you can:

    • Sync your Redtail CRM household data with Black Diamond
    • View your client’s reconciled Black Diamond account data in Redtail CRM
    • Communicate on your client’s Timeline within their Client Experience portal directly from Redtail CRM
    • Navigate between both systems seamlessly through single-sign-on

    To learn more about how Black Diamond and Redtail work together, read this brief.

  • RiXtrema

    Partnership Overview

    RiXtrema builds advisor risk management software that makes complex portfolio risk concepts easy to explain to any client. Enhance your value proposition, become a trusted advisor and grow your business with Portfolio Crash Testing from RiXtrema.

    Portfolio Crash Testing is a risk management software used by top RIAs and BDs. Advisors differentiate their offering by showing portfolio risks prospects did not know about. You can then optimize investor’s risk profile using Portfolio Crash Testing optimizer. PCT is the only tool for advisors that is based on top mathematical methodology from the research team who won 2015 Peter L. Bernstein Award for top research study.

  • Salesforce

    Partnership Overview

    Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. Salesforce has headquarters in San Francisco, with offices in Europe and Asia, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "CRM."

  • Schwab Advisor Services™

    Partnership Overview

    As the industry's leading custodian for independent registered investment advisors (RIAs), Schwab Advisor Services™ is dedicated to helping advisors achieve their business goals. For more than 30 years, we have supported firms of all types and sizes and earned the trust of more than 7,500 advisors with our custody, trading, and support services. Visit

    Our goal is to help you connect data and workflows across different platforms to provide a best-in-class experience. We know that Schwab's technologies are only a part of the complex ecosystem you rely on every day, so our digital tools are designed to work seamlessly with your third-party solutions to help streamline your end-to-end processes.

    Our open architecture platform integrates deeply with many of the leading technologies that support an RIA's practice, and has been developed with our underlying commitment to security and quality. Providers and advisory firms can also build custom integrations to access Schwab data wherever they need it.

    Learn more about our existing integrations.

  • Skience

    Partnership Overview

    Skience® is an industry-leading digital transformation platform for broker-dealers and RIAs that provides wealth managers an efficient way to unify their technology, increase back-office and advisor productivity, and deliver a great client experience. Leveraging deep integrations with the industry’s leading custodians and technology providers, Skience streamlines and automates critical business processes: client onboarding; new account opening; straight-through processing; data aggregation; compliance; and analytics.

  • Slack

    Partnership Overview

    Slack is your company's home for everyone and everything—a productivity platform that helps companies achieve more. Slack Enterprise Grid is the ultimate collaboration solution for large organizations, offering unmatched scalability and security. It connects multiple workspaces, providing a unified platform for effortless communication. Channels organize conversations by topic, project, or team, enhancing collaboration. Advanced security features and robust admin tools ensure sensitive information is protected. Plus, Slack Enterprise Grid integrates seamlessly with Black Diamond’s Digital Message Surveillance solution (DMS).

    Slack Compliance Archiving with DMS

    • Collaborate with Confidence: Enterprise collaboration tools like Slack are essential for effective communication and workflow management but pose challenges in meeting strict regulations like those from the SEC and FINRA. DMS provides a compliance solution tailored to address these challenges in the wealth management industry.
    • Seamless Integration and Archiving: DMS integrates seamlessly with Slack through a custom API, capturing every type of communication within your organization's workspaces, ensuring comprehensive oversight. It archives these communications in their original format, including all files, emojis, mentions, and timestamps in immutable storage. This process preserves data integrity and provides transparent, unchanged evidence of supervision vital for e-discovery. Additionally, DMS's advanced search capabilities deliver accurate, tailored results for specific discussions, keywords, or compliance issues, significantly reducing false positives and saving time.
    • Holistic Compliance Overview: DMS enhances compliance oversight by integrating with additional Black Diamond compliance modules, linking Slack conversations with critical data like positions, trades, and CRM entries. This provides a unified view of activities, allowing compliance professionals to manage data within a single system, streamlining operations, and ensuring seamless data correlation. DMS also offers clients full transparency in their alternative investments, empowering them to make better financial decisions with complete confidence.

    Learn more about DMS. Read our Privacy Policy.

  • SmartRIA

    Partnership Overview

    Smart RIA simplifies compliance for financial advisors. Our cloud based, responsive (works beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop-sized screens) software is highly secure, surprisingly easy to use, and is used by firms ranging in size from one-person shops to national firms with over 100 professionals.

    Smart RIA's award-winning software is used by over 1,000 firms across the US to simplify their compliance responsibilities. Features include compliance surveillance for large firms, alerts for trade inactivity, portfolio variance, high cash balance, personal trade monitoring, and more. Smart RIA integrates with Black Diamond to import your custodial data for compliance-related client account alerts and personal trade monitoring.

    To learn more about how Black Diamond and SmartRIA work together, read this brief.

  • Smartleaf

    Partnership Overview

    Smartleaf allows advisory firms easy management of personalized portfolios by providing clients of any size with the highest level of customization and tax management. Additionally, direct indexes, customization, and tax-management options are simple selections within pull-down menus that are automatically implemented. Smartleaf manages the entire portfolio holistically in a single account to achieve the optimum balance between tax and risk within every asset class and any combination of mutual funds, ETFs, individual equities, and ADRs. Client-facing advisors spend zero time rebalancing and trading portfolios, freeing them to focus on clients. At the same time, a centralized team of one to two employees conducts the rebalancing daily.

  • SS&C Accord

    Partnership Overview

    SS&C Accord, an offering of SS&C Technologies, helps to aggregate siloed data, deliver analytics needed to help investors and helps you make data-based decisions on alternative asset classes. Staying true to its SS&C roots, Accord combines proprietary AI and machine learning technologies with an industry leading professional service team to proactively find operational efficiencies, cut costs, and create scale. Together, they streamline the alternative asset management and reporting process and enable users to make data-driven decisions on alternative asset classes.

    SS&C Accord harmoniously connects with the Black Diamond Wealth Platform to deliver accurate near-time reporting on alternative investments. The streamlined process saves valuable time for Black Diamond users and enables advisors to make data-based decisions on alternative asset classes from within Black Diamond.

    SS&C Accord will help firms to:

    • Control costs: A single data source eliminates the needs for multiple systems.
    • Scale effectively: Manage end-to-end data requirements across financial systems.
    • Automate manual tasks: Technology-driven solutions powered by machine learning to maintain and transmit data.

    Learn more about our extensive industry expertise and AI-powered technology.

  • SS&C GlobeOp

    Partnership Overview

    SS&C GlobeOp, a division of SS&C Technologies, is the world’s largest fund administrator with core competencies in hedge funds, private equity, funds of funds, managed accounts and more.

    Working together, SS&C GlobeOp and the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform can help advisory firms account for and report on their entire portfolio, including complex alternative investment strategies. The integration automates the manual entry process necessary for client reporting and end investor statement delivery. Firms who leverage both products are empowered to focus more on client service and other revenue generating areas of the business.


    Additional Contact Info:

    Julie Alfin – Associate Manager, Business Development – SS&C GlobeOp –

    Ethan Rosenbluth – Senior Associate, Business Development – SS&C GlobeOp –

  • SS&C Innovest

    Partnership Overview

    SS&C Innovests’ flagship product, InnoTrust, offers a dramatically better way to support the specialized accounting and reporting needs of trust companies, banks, private banks, custodians retirement plan administrators, family offices, broker/dealers and others requiring advanced system control, highly detailed accounting, and robust investor and institutional reporting.

    InnoTrust uses a leading edge multi-tier design structure, which provides greater security and design flexibility than other applications. SS&C Innovest‘s unique development methodology enables the development and roll out of new functionality or the enhancement of existing capabilities more rapidly than other designs can. And perhaps most importantly, it is scalable – individual client institutions managing millions of accounts and hundreds of thousands of transactions trust InnoTrust over any other application.

    Working together, InnoTrust and Black Diamond offer firms end-to-end, trust-enabled wealth management capabilities.

    Learn more about how SS&C solutions can help your trust company.

    Additional Contact Info:

    Gretchen Goode – Product Integrations – SS&C Innovest –

  • SS&C Rendezvous

    Partnership Overview

    Through seamless integration with the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform, SS&C Rendezvous provides wealth management advisors with a turn-key solution that delivers modern, time-saving tools focused on the client experience and investment goals.

    Rendezvous’ robust functionality is designed to give advisors the upper hand in today's competitive landscape and seamlessly integrates Proposal Generation, Model Marketplace, and Allocation & Monitoring.

    Experience the clarity that comes from a single work environment with the ability to structure education, planning, allocation, and reporting.

  • SS&C Risk and Compliance Intelligence Platform

    Partnership Overview

    The SS&C Risk & Compliance Intelligence Platform is a web-based account, portfolio, and transaction-monitoring platform specifically designed for compliance teams. It automatically aggregates and analyzes data to support a firm’s mandated regulatory or internal oversight initiatives. And, the Black Diamond integration ensures that each day data such as transactions, orders, account activity, and holdings securely transmit to RCI for automatic and detailed surveillance.

    Firms can select from a number of modules designed to support specific regulatory and supervisory requirements and include:

    • Employee Trade & Activity Monitoring
    • Broker-Dealer/Investment Advisor Supervisory
    • Investment Suitability
    • Anti-Money Laundering: Watch/Sanctions List & Transaction Monitoring
    • Senior & Vulnerable Investor Surveillance
    • Market Manipulation Surveillance


    Alerts, case management, and trade blotter features assist with day-to-day supervisory activities. The extensive and ever-expanding compliance test library provides out of the box surveillance and detection capabilities along with extensive workflow and archiving features. The reliable, easy-to-use, and scalable solution allows for rapid deployment and quick time to value. RCI serves broker-dealers, enterprises, RIAs, and asset management clients around the world.

    To learn more about how Black Diamond and RCI work together, read this brief.

  • Partnership Overview
  • StratiFi Technologies Inc

    Partnership Overview

    StratiFi  is a one-stop shop risk-analysis and compliance solution for wealth management firms.

    StratiFi helps wealth management firms and their financial advisors:

    1) Implement a simple and repeatable process to close more prospects
    2) Standardize risk and proactively monitor it to lower investment stress
    3) Enhance surveillance of an advisor's business to improve compliance efficiency
    4) Scientifically assess investment suitability to reduce business risk

    Our technology platform empowers investment advisors to use sophisticated institutional risk metrics to analyze and visualize risk on a simple 1 to 10 scale and see if the portfolio's risk truly aligns with the client's risk tolerance. Our award-winning platform has been voted as the industry's best risk-tolerance, client-profiling and compliance technology for financial advisors.

    Book a demo here.

  • Partnership Overview
  • Timelineapp Tech Limited

    Partnership Overview

    Timeline is the next-gen retirement income software used by financial planners to illustrate, create and manage sustainable withdrawal strategy for their clients. It’s used by advisers in the UK, US and other developed countries across the world. Timeline’s extensive empirical asset class and longevity data help financial advisers bring a client’s retirement journey to life and answer their big retirement income questions.

    The next-gen retirement income software used by financial advisers and institutions to create and manage sustainable withdrawal strategies for clients. With users in seven countries - including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland - Timelineapp’s vision is to help 10 million baby boomers face retirement with confidence.

  • Tolerisk

    Partnership Overview

    Tolerisk is leader in Fiduciary Caliber Risk Tolerance Assessment technology for Financial Advisors. Tolerisk is used by RIAs and Broker/Dealers in wealth management, financial planning, and employer sponsored retirement plans. Tolerisk provides a simple and flexible user interface, allowing advisors cloud-based access to a variety of solutions to fit each unique client, prospect, or plan participant’s needs and goals. Harnessing traditional fixed income mathematics, Tolerisk provides a deep analytical output expressed in an extremely simple and easy to understand format.

    Unlike traditional risk tolerance assessment tools which focus primarily on the client's personality, Tolerisk® measures the client’s willingness and their ability to take investment risk, by incorporating their cash-flows. A finalist in the 2017 XYPN Fintech Competition, Tolerisk was also lauded by as 1 of 6 technologies advisors needed to see following Finovate Fall 2018.

  • TIFIN Risk

    Partnership Overview

    TIFIN Risk helps advisors with prospecting, retention, and compliance by calculating a prospect’s risk needs through an intelligent, fact-based approach.


    TIFIN Risk is able to score and compare an individual's risk capacity, risk preference, and portfolio risk, all with a short, user-friendly questionnaire.

  • tRx

    Partnership Overview

    TRX offers tax sensitive rebalancing and trading tools for advisors to add capacity without adding employees. Our solutions allow advisors to focus their time on strategy , enhancing client relationships, and business growth. With TRX, advisors turn rebalancing and portfolio management into an easy value-add rather than a costly time guzzler.

    TRX is loaded with tax efficiencies, quality control measures, and customizable features to match your firm's intricacies and your clients' varied needs. Additionally, automation streamlines compliance and simplifies SEC audits.

    Above all, TRX increases profitability by increasing clients' wealth. TRX positions clients to make more money by increasing gross and net returns by reducing taxes permanently through tRx's location optimization and short-term gain avoidance. Advisors can dramatically reduce clients' tax bills instantly with tax loss harvesting and tRx's exclusive capital gain distribution avoidance function. And, it's easy to demonstrate the tax savings to clients with custom benefit reports.

  • Vanilla

    Partnership Overview

    Vanilla is an estate advisory platform purpose-built to enable financial advisors to form deeper relationships with their clients by empowering them to grow and protect their legacy. From robust and easy-to-understand visualizations of complex estates, detailed diagrams of how assets transfer to future generations, and ongoing estate monitoring, Vanilla is reinventing the estate planning experience end-to-end.

    With Vanilla, advisors can:

    • Easily onboard their client’s family information, financial data, and planning documents
    • Dynamically visualize and analyze the estate
    • Create proactive, ongoing communication 
  • Wealthbox

    Partnership Overview

    Wealthbox is a web-and-mobile CRM product for financial advisors to manage client relationships.

    Wealthbox is an easy-to-use, full-featured CRM product tailored for financial advisors. Features include contact management, email, tasks, calendars, automated workflows, industry integrations, and more.

  • Wealthcare Capital Management

    Partnership Overview

    Wealthcare Capital Management LLC (Wealthcare) has been transforming theoretical plans into life-changing realities using our patented goals-driven process in conjunction with our GDX360® software since 1999. Wealthcare’s turnkey solution for independent financial advisors, WealthcareGDX®, takes our goals-driven planning and investment management process complete with a robust digital advisor and client experience and incorporates Wealthcare’s human capital of professionals who provide operations, planning, trading and re-balancing, compliance, marketing, and billing support. 

    With our proprietary financial planning process model and patented Comfort Zone® technology, our approach integrates and elevates the wealth experience to higher levels for financial advisors and their investors.

    GDX360 is a goals-driven wealth management software for financial advisors, firms, and investors that connects the key parts of goals-driven advice: financial planning, investments, trading, rebalancing, and monitoring.

  • XLR8

    Partnership Overview

    XLR8 is the application that allows Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers to take full advantage of the Salesforce CRM platform, and now XLR8 and Black Diamond have built a data integration that brings 3 powerful systems together.

    Additionally, the XLR8 team can assist with the complete transition into the XLR8/Salesforce/Black Diamond system (including data migration, integrations, training, etc).

  • YCharts

    Partnership Overview

    YCharts is an investment research platform that enables smarter investment decisions and better client communications. Serving RIAs, broker dealers, and asset managers, YCharts helps investment professionals achieve growth and demonstrate their value through tools that automate daily tasks, enhance client engagements, and simplify complex financial topics.

  • Yourefolio

    Partnership Overview

    YourefolioTM is the leader in estate and legacy planning software. Created in 2016 by Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys, CFP®'s and Insurance Professionals, Yourefolio has become the go-to estate and legacy planning software for those that provide estate planning in their suite of services.

    Yourefolio's platform provides everything need to provide an enhanced estate and legacy planning experience for advisors clients and prospects. Some of the highlights include, a tool to stress test current estate plans, visual illustrations to provide better understanding and a connection to estate planning attorneys for document delivery. Yourefolio is used by hundreds of advisors all over the world for their estate planning needs.

    Request a demo