“Where advisors and clients connect.” That’s how many have come to know the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform. A solution that provides an award-winning client portal along with a comprehensive set of tools for you to streamline operations, manage financial lives, document communications, connect third-party products, and so much more.

The unveiling of the new Client View application however, is the next evolution of the Black Diamond experience. It consolidates all client-centric details, workflows, and third-party integrations already found within Black Diamond into a single, interconnected command center.

Client View is technology that works the way you do – answering the shift towards holistic client financial management. Bjorn Widerstedt, VP of Product Management, described the Client View difference by stating, “Client View breaks the mold by delivering a much more personalized experience to wealth technology. Broadening what historically has been an investment portfolio focus to one that encompasses the entire relationship – past, present, and future.”

Serving as your lens, Client View’s Client Information space displays specifics, like contact details for every household member as well as the financial team behind each relationship. CRM data supplements the native Black Diamond data for well-rounded demographics. You can also see the length of the relationship, make notes, create tasks, and more.

A detailed and customizable balance sheet lives within the Net Worth space, which adjusts to any desired timeframe. In addition, with a single click you can add outside assets or liabilities, like a savings account or mortgage loan, as well as open new custodial accounts. Your client is also able to aggregate outside accounts and make updates to their balance sheet within their Client Experience portal, and you immediately see their changes reflected.

Timeline provides an intuitive communication medium between you and your client. From within Client View, you can send direct messages, post documents and reports, and provide video content. All of which will instantly notify your client when posted to the Timeline within their Client Experience portal. Numerous third-party solutions, such as RightCapital and Redtail CRM, have implemented integrations with Timeline – helping you document and deliver a consistent client communication experience.

Client View’s Vault space provides secure document sharing and storage between you and your client. And, the Reports and Statements space keeps track of any previously run reports or imported custodial statements associated to your client. You also have direct access to generate new reports and the option to share via the Vault or Timeline. In the past three months alone, 1 MM reports and documents were shared with clients via these tools. However, with the introduction of Client View, this number will surge even higher due to the ease of centralized access.

Portfolio View, also a well-loved space within Black Diamond receiving about 40% of all daily traffic, is now available directly from within Client View. Within the Portfolio space, you have instantaneous access to a highly customizable and robust set of aggregated data analytics tools – specifically reflecting your client. Arrange the metric cards your way and expand any of them for more detail.

For example, the performance card analyzes past and current returns at any level. While the gain/loss card displays cost basis details with realized or unrealized short and long-term gains or losses. Transactions, fixed income, projected income, and comprehensive capital markets information are other card examples presented within the Portfolio space as well as risk analytics via the Riskalyze integration.

Brand new along with Client View comes the Planning space, which will be getting a lot of development attention as the application advances. Currently, through the MoneyGuidePro® integration, you can view and track plans natively within this area. However, the development roadmap includes the ability to consolidate your client’s financial picture into one consistent layout regardless of provider. Ensuring you can maintain Client View’s communication benefits and have seamless access to future planning tools.

By connecting applications, business processes are smoother and the advisor-client connection is elevated through portal transparency and communication efficiencies. Client View is not only changing how advisors interact within Black Diamond, it’s transforming technology expectations within the industry.

If you would like to learn more about Client View, request a personalized demo today. You may also read more about Client View’s fundamental purpose in this blog on Advent.com.