Enhance Your Portfolio Construction through the Model Marketplace

Brian Barry – 05/11/2023

Enhance Your Portfolio Construction through the Model Marketplace

Since its inception, SS&C’s Black Diamond® Wealth Platform has been on the leading edge of financial technology. With a focus on providing best-in-class software solutions for financial advisors, the team delivers tools that increase efficiency and empower firms to focus on growing and managing their business. The latest initiative integrates SS&C Rendezvous into Black Diamond’s Rebalancer, reconfirming our commitment to generate advisor efficiency and elevate the advisor experience.

Portfolio construction is a delicate balance between achieving a desired investment return and managing the risk associated with attaining that return. Understanding how your clients’ portfolios are tied to their goals is an integral part of constructing a portfolio and building investor confidence in the correct mix of assets to accomplish their investment objectives. Through the seamless integration between Black Diamond and Rendezvous, Rendezvous streamlines proposal generation and model assignments so that firms can focus on client relationships. The Model Marketplace tool empowers advisors to showcase both Rendezvous and advisor-generated model recommendations. The Model Marketplace model analytics allow advisors to look through funds to underlying holdings and segments, providing insight into the aggregate exposures and risk a given model provides. Access to the Model Marketplace also gives advisors direct access to insights and educational information behind institutional quality model construction. By taking a deep dive into the analytics behind the Holdings, Exposures, and Performance of the Models, firms identify the appropriate risk exposure for their clients.

In volatile markets, an advisor's time and focus are often pulled in multiple directions. As a result, the costly and time-consuming nature of investment analysis and model construction can compete with more important services. The Model Marketplace allows advisors to save time and grow and manage the core business while still ensuring clients are in an appropriate mix of investments based on their unique risk profile and investment objectives.

We invite you to explore the Model Marketplace in Black Diamond’s Rebalancer to see first-hand how it can empower you to deliver investment solutions to your clients seamlessly. The Model Marketplace gives advisors access to ETF-only, multi-manager models spanning outcomes across individual asset classes, asset class segments, and multi-asset class solutions for accumulation, preservation, and income objectives. In addition, firms can select turnkey strategies that they can implement immediately through Rebalancer or browse through segment models to help bolster and complement their own model recommendations.

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