Client Relationships: The Heart of Your Advisory Practice

Joey Marchy – 10/14/2021

Client Relationships: The Heart of Your Advisory Practice

Since the launch of the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform, supporting effective advisor-investor dialogue has been at the heart of our business. How we assist the advisor and investor connection has evolved from developing highly configurable portfolio analytics and reporting to the launch of innovative ways to support personalization, communication workflows, and a shared workspace for advisors to collaborate with their end clients.

For example, the launch of the Client View application at the end of 2020 recognized the importance of focusing on the holistic relationships advisors manage because traditional portfolio-centric management left out an essential element – people. Clearly defining the complete client relationship helps advisors focus the conversation on the individual clients they support and their specific financial goals.

As we have rolled out the ability to set up Relationships within the platform, advisors can clearly see how they connect all aspects of a client’s financial life: members, stakeholders, portfolios, and accounts. By linking the client and their specific information to the portfolio analytics important to their investment picture, we help advisors better align with the investor’s overall financial goals.

The benefits of defining relationships can be leveraged by all firm users. Specifically, this unique platform setup can empower the following groups to take definitive actions by analyzing relationship level data to:

Firm Principles and Stakeholders

  • View win/loss data to make better business decisions
  • Understand clients’ complete financial picture by evaluating net worth

Administrators and Operations

  • Edit and delete portfolios, accounts, and contacts in a single place
  • Tag Relationships with an SEC Client Type to simplify SEC reporting obligations
  • Control what each advisor sees at the firm, role, and user level
  • Customize the Client View spaces and cards advisors need to access


  • Increase reporting flexibility by including multiple benchmark assignments and enhanced alternative reporting capabilities
  • Leverage communication tools that connect to the Client Experience portal
  • Engage with the interactive Balance Sheet within the Net Worth space

Family Offices

  • Associate multiple family entities within the context of a complete relationship to seamlessly navigate between the parties

The focus on the holistic client relationship broadens what historically has been an investment portfolio focus to instead encompass the entire relationship – past, present, and future.

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