Building a Better Tech Stack | Part II

JD Goryl – 09/19/2023

While our industry is speeding towards the digital optimization of everything, personalization emerges as the differentiator; yet, striking a balance between maintaining your personal touch and creating operational efficiency for scale is even more important. To illustrate this, let's analyze two critical parts of wealth management:

  • Creating and maintaining the financial plan
  • Managing the investment portfolio


Transform Financial Planning

Not long ago, the only way to create an initial financial plan was by combing through mountains of paper statements and uploading values into a spreadsheet. In this new age of integrated software and services, there is a better way to unlock operational efficiency and increase personalization.

With Black Diamond's integrated financial planning experience, the team created a singular client portal that's robust and personable. Financial plans created in conjunction with our platform partner, Right Capital, are kept up to date with data from the platform. Through this deep integration, data from the Right Capital financial plan is fed back to Black Diamond, powering our native planning experience and giving your clients a singular portal to view their plan's goals, progress, and keys to success alongside their portfolio's performance. No more asking clients to bounce between multiple client portals, remembering numerous logins. No more redundant data entry or scrambling to pull reports from different systems for you or your team ahead of a client meeting.

As your firm expands, preserving a personal touch is dependent on the art of communication – how, when, and where you connect with your clients. While traditional conversations are invaluable, communication tools such as Black Diamond's Relationship Timeline empower advisors to deliver personalized and scalable messages tailored to each client's needs. Additionally, the digital-native generation of clients has spent so much time working remotely with colleagues that they're comfortable conducting business virtually, bypassing the need for traditional in-person reviews.

Streamline Client Portfolios

Financial planning is just one piece of the equation for managing clients' complex financial lives. Selecting and managing the investment portfolio best aligned to their goals and investor profile takes time and energy and competes with what investors care about, such as direct access to you.

SS&C Rendezvous' Model Marketplace is a carefully curated basket of investment portfolios designed to meet clients' needs regardless of their stage of life. Whether in a financial plan's accumulation or decumulation stages, Rendezvous' Model Marketplace ensures your clients have the best possible asset mix to meet their goals. SS&C ALPS Advisors professionally curated the portfolios within the Marketplace to lift out the complex tasks of investment research, selection, and model creation, letting you take back the time needed to focus on your client relationships.

Personalization at scale boils down to a straightforward framework, eliminating as much non-client-facing work as possible. Great technology can't replace what made clients choose to work with you, but it can augment what you have to do in service of those clients to make their experience great.

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