Technology is changing the way financial advisors do business. As a financial advisor, you understand the importance of offering top-tier advice and service to your clients. With rising investor expectations, providing differentiated services and staying updated on financial trends and technologies is paramount. Equipping yourself with the right tools isn't just about meeting client needs; it's about helping them achieve their financial goals. The right technology stack has the potential to enhance scalability and improve overall client experience in tandem with profitability.

It’s time to change your perspective on technology, as it’s no longer a cost center. If you’ve spent time with the latest Kitces Financial Advisor Technology map, you understand that navigating the vast landscape of solutions is daunting. In his latest blog, Michael Kitces writes that selecting the right technology stack can be more straightforward than you think. That is where the combination of SS&C Black Diamond Wealth Platform and our strategic partners come in.

In this blog series, we will focus on how blending the right technology solutions can help your advisory firm:

  • Attract more clients
  • Maximize personalization at scale
  • Drive profitability

Let’s start by looking at two approaches firms can use to attract more potential clients with a powerful technology stack.

Unlock Client Engagement

In an age dominated by artificial intelligence, the human touch remains crucial. However, understanding where advisors can best spend their time is extremely important. Traditional services like investment management and financial planning are becoming commoditized, as access to digital wealth managers with built-in planning and investment management tools is widely available. How do you stand out in a world of instant gratification and showcase the added value you offer? Personalization.

While technology cannot recreate the small nuances of human interaction, it can enhance and enrich those moments. Imagine a world where opportunities for prospective new clients come to you, pre-loaded with insights into their views on finances. How does that improve your ability to make a lasting first impression? What would that do for you and your firm? This type of interaction becomes a reality by leveraging the power of Black Diamond with integration partners such as Nitrogen & Salentica CRM.

Enhance the First Impression

It all starts with a robust content strategy. Firms with compelling content gain more visibility on social media and higher traffic to their company website. By embedding Nitrogen’s Lead Generation Questionnaire on your website and sharing it on your social media channels, it’s easier to engage with your firm. When an investor completes the questionnaire, they gain immediate insight into their risk profile, and several integrations occur on the back end to seamlessly manage this data, including:

  1. Creating a prospect automatically within the Salentica CRM
  2. Adding a new CRM contact
  3. Initiating an opportunity alert with information from the questionnaire

Armed with these insights, your first interaction with a potential client is elevated, focusing less on information gathering and more on who they are and what they want to achieve. This type of automation is one of the many benefits when advisory firms combine the power of Black Diamond with Nitrogen and Salentica.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this blog series focused on maximizing personalization at scale and driving profitability.

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