2022 Reflections: A Return to Normal

John Milne – 12/21/2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we reflect on how the world slowly returned to normal. With advisors experiencing the first downturn in almost 15 years, they evolved how they manage their business. In addition, the technology they use also evolved to keep up with their needs. Specifically, the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform embraced the return to normal by expanding its solutions to support changing client expectations.

Many of us were fortunate to return to our offices and reengage with others in person, bringing back that personal aspect of our work. The Black Diamond team was enthusiastic about reconnecting with our clients face-to-face by re-establishing our client workshops, event attendance, and the SS&C Deliver conference in Orlando. The opportunity to sit with our clients again and hear their feedback was a very welcoming experience.

Additionally, we reintroduced Hack Week, allowing the development teams to explore new solutions and technologies to solve real problems advisors may be experiencing. Hack Week is easily the team’s favorite week of the year, where they demonstrate their creativity, which often carries over into future developments to the platform.

This in-person return to routine has allowed us to come together and solve complex client problems. For example, including Principal and Income reporting for our mutual Innotrust clients, surfacing ESG ratings in Data Mining, or simply improving upon existing tools, the Black Diamond team consistently focused on making an exceptional user experience. Furthermore, we continued investing in core areas like PDF reporting, Rebalancer, and Billing solutions.

We have also laid the foundation for a very exciting 2023. We’ll release many advancements within our enhanced reporting suite and new financial planning experience in the first half of the year. At the core of Black Diamond, client reporting will allow advisors to group or filter on any tag in our system or user-defined criteria and offer flexibility with the classification schema. Our goal with these enhancements is to allow advisors to tell their clients the right story.

Moreover, we are working to bring financial planning to the forefront of Black Diamond, recognizing that it is a critical part of the advisor-investor relationship. Regardless of what financial planning partner advisors are using to generate their client’s plans, we’re creating the capability to help them communicate that plan, ensuring their clients are still on track for success. We remain dedicated to becoming the hub for anything that impacts the investor’s financial life.

As we conclude 2022, our return to normality reminds us that it's not just the problems we get to solve that motivate us but the people we get to support. The Black Diamond team wishes to thank our clients, partners, and teammates for making this an incredible year. Here's to keeping that momentum going into 2023!

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