Over the last fifteen years, the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform has cultivated a habit-forming culture. Several of these developed habits include:

  • Innovation and flexibility
  • Continual development of expertise
  • Receiving and discussing client feedback on an ongoing basis

Furthermore, we have a habit of conviction, driving our efforts to design technology solutions that enable advisors to have enriched dialogue with their clients. Concentrated on delivering value to the advisory market, we continuously search for avenues for growth — and 2023 is no exception.

This year we’ll be zeroing in on the continual development of our core platform; specifically, teams will focus on the following:

  • Elevating the Client Experience to create more room for our Product Development teams to listen to clients and deliver meaningful work. By ensuring this ever-growing platform is supportable and built with a sturdy foundation, we set ourselves up for sustainable success.
  • Prioritizing efforts in tooling – whether delivered through the front-end or via API (Application Program Interface). This emphasis can lower client costs to run the platform by making it easier to maintain, allowing firms to scale efficiently.
  • Improving our solutions, such as analytics and logging, by proactively creating the best experience for our clients.
  • Unlocking flexibility in our Reporting Suite by evolving our reporting offering so firms can create the exact content they want their clients to consume. Ensuring advisors can group and filter by almost any field in Black Diamond (system-defined or custom) while also gaining more control over classification options.
  • Expanding the financial life hub to offer an accurate and complete picture of the investor's past, present, and future. Key areas include financial planning, robust asset classifications, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) rating visibility, and more oversite tools.
  • Streamlining the investment management process by investing in our Rebalancer, enhancing our trading capabilities, and launching provided access to a new Model Marketplace through SS&C Rendezvous. We know this is a critical part of an advisor's practice and will continue to invest heavily in these initiatives.

SS&C, a trusted name in financial services and technology, provides many advantages to help the advisory market serve its clients. Through extensive product and service offerings, we have the components advisors need as the industry evolves, providing integrated Trust, CRM, and insurance solutions within the complete SS&C ecosystem.

In addition to focusing on our core platform in 2023, the Black Diamond team continually evaluates new opportunities to unlock future innovation and serve our mission to deliver best-in-class solutions.

To learn how the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform can support your advisory firm, request your personal demo, call 1-800-727-0605, or email info@advent.com.