Simplify the Client Management Process with SS&C Black Diamond’s Client View Application

Carlo Yannuzzi – 11/03/2022

Simplify the Client Management Process with SS&C Black Diamond’s Client View Application

The Client View application, uniquely designed to fit the needs of advisors and their clients, is the nexus of the SS&C Black Diamond® Wealth Platform. This innovative application intuitively connects advisors to their clients and simplifies all aspects of the client management process. Client View helps bridge the gap by putting communications, analytics, and maintenance functions at the advisor's fingertips. 

By interconnecting CRM-like functionality with portfolio analytics, performance reporting, and communication tools, advisors can now quickly manage their relationships and deliver the essential information– helping to make more impactful decisions in support of their financial well-being. 

Over two million client relationships, or households, were viewed on the platform this year, and there has been a 23% growth in client relationships created on the platform. The home page of Client View, which highlights a multitude of at-a-glance widgets from householding to rebalance strategies, has seen over five million views, with a monthly average of almost half-a-million. 

The new and improved Portfolio Space makes up a large portion of all traffic to the platform, with over three million views. At the same time, advisors have shared over 4.3 million reports and statements using performance reporting with their clients. 

Moreover, communications between advisors and clients within Black Diamond has shifted. Since the release, the timeline application within Client View has seen an increase in posts of 58%. This accounts for more than 13k additional interactions between advisors and their clients. Along the lines of communications, there have been 1,033 To-Do tasks created by advisors for clients to complete, resulting in a significant increase of 132% YTD. These tasks help advisors and clients manage follow-up items centrally through the platform.

The impressive growth in adoption has also impacted client users. Year-over-year, advisors have created nearly 10% more client users. Remarkably over 100,000 client users have logged into their unique Client Portal more than 2.5 million times. 

 The explosive growth of Client View demonstrates how advisors can easily complete their client management workflows. Client View sets a new standard for advisor-to-client interactions, keeping clients satisfied and enhancing the overall advisory experience.

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