From Idea to Investment | Generating Impactful Investment Proposals

Jerry Barrs – 03/28/2024

From Idea to Investment | Generating Impactful Investment Proposals

First impressions are crucial in today’s fast-paced digital age. They serve as the cornerstone for establishing trust and credibility in a landscape full of divergent perspectives. For financial advisors, the challenge lies in effectively articulating their value proposition and distinguishing themselves amidst a crowded marketplace.

For wealth managers, the initial impression often hinges on a booklet containing investment proposals and market insights presented to potential clients. The process begins with the arduous task of gathering data from prospects, ranging from organized spreadsheets to hastily scribbled notes on napkins. This phase is notoriously time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors, often requiring painstaking efforts to sift through statement pages to identify crucial information like holdings, values, and tax lots for each account.

Proposal Processes

Subsequently, the focus shifts to identifying a model portfolio tailored to the prospect's unique needs and preferences, taking this a step further by integrating the clients’ goals into portfolio selection, enhancing the likelihood of achieving their financial objectives. Transition planning becomes paramount, emphasizing the importance of minimizing risk, tracking errors, and ensuring tax efficiency in alignment with the prospect's specific tax and capital gain considerations.

The process culminates in constructing a client-facing proposal that comprehensively highlights the advisor's brand and illustrates the investment management process. Adding to the proposal’s complexity, it must also serve as the foundation for the onboarding process, where advisors seek to open accounts and implement the agreed-upon investment strategy. This creates a growing need for solutions that align with the prospect-to-client lifecycle, minimizing friction and optimizing time.

Existing technology needs to improve to address these complex needs. Many available solutions lack the capability to complete all required steps, leaving advisors to construct proposals manually by piecing together data from various disparate systems.

Crafting Precision

Now is the time for a transformative shift, where technology becomes a valued ally in creating compelling proposals that  demonstrate an advisor's expertise and foster enduring client relationships. With Black Diamond’s Proposal Generation App, creating captivating investment proposals has never been easier. Our intuitive workflow guides you through every step, enabling you to construct personalized proposals with just a few clicks.

Key benefits of the Black Diamond Proposal Generation App:

  • Streamlining proposal creation to save time and gain insights into your investment strategies
  • Simplifying workflows by integrating the relationship to the Rebalancer and Model Marketplace data, enabling you to highlight model recommendations
  • Generating client proposals efficiently and at scale, ensuring each PDF document accurately reflects risk, return, and holding exposure


We see opportunities to incorporate tax-smart recommendations, goals-based portfolio optimization, connections to risk and client questionnaires, and financial planning data. The client experience will transform as we integrate generated proposals into the Black Diamond Client Portal. This integration optimizes the client onboarding process, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient prospect-to-client lifecycle.

Unlock a new level of efficiency in investment proposals that leave a lasting impression on your clients and prospects. Improvements to proposal generation are yet another way Black Diamond helps advisors succeed in a constantly changing world.

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