Delivering Wealth | The Heartbeat of Financial Services

Kyle Fleming – 01/04/2024

Wealth Management is the heartbeat of financial services. It's not just about managing money; it's about creating, growing, and preserving wealth. The focus has shifted from mere transactional services to comprehensive wealth management, encompassing investment strategies, financial planning, and personalized client experiences. And, in today’s fast-paced world, staying ahead means embracing change and constantly evolving to meet clients’ dynamic needs.

As we move into 2024, we anticipate that key focus areas will help us redefine the landscape, promising an elevated experience and groundbreaking innovations for advisors, including:

  • Client-Centric Innovation
    Continuous evaluation is at the core of our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our wealth management clients. We understand that success lies in the effectiveness of the solutions we provide. So, from the trading experiences to dashboard usability, we are dedicated to refining and optimizing our solutions, fueled by a commitment to feedback-driven iterations.
  • Holistic Client Experience
    To help firms become the single source of a client's financial picture, we are continuing to expand our product offerings and asset coverage, with a strategic focus on mobile usage, client portal investment, delivering on our promise to enhance reporting flexibility, Financial Planning connections, and Net Worth improvements. By placing your clients in the center, we aim to create a seamless and holistic experience that empowers you to help them make informed financial decisions.
  • Expanded API Capabilities
    The expansion of API capabilities is on the horizon, focusing on increasing scale, usability, and coverage. This move is geared towards providing advisory firms with a more robust and efficient framework, enabling them to integrate our services seamlessly into their operations. It's about setting the stage for a future where financial data is not a limitation but a catalyst for growth.
  • Bulk Capabilities
    Empowering our clients with self-service options is a continual focus. By expanding on adoption and facilitating bulk capabilities, we aim to provide clients with the tools and resources they need to run and grow their businesses effectively.


Looking to the future, we anticipate that several game-changing initiatives and cross-collaborations across the broader SS&C organization will take off, including:

  • Black Diamond CRM: Harness the Power of Salesforce
    We are bringing the power of Salesforce to Black Diamond clients via a managed solution. This integration promises a seamless and efficient CRM experience, enhancing client relationship management.
  • Black Diamond Reporting Flexibility: Classification Overrides
    Providing clients with greater control over their reporting by introducing classification overrides. This feature ensures that reporting is accurate and customizable to individual preferences.
  • SS&C Accord: Simplifying Alts Aggregation
    Leveraging various components of SS&C Accord aims to make alternative asset reporting more accessible and user-friendly, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of their portfolios.
  • SS&C Rendezvous: Streamlining Investment Management
    Our focus on providing Proposal Generation capabilities and a connection to the SS&C Rendezvous Managed Accounts Platform aims to streamline investment management processes, seeking to win more client business and provide access to outsourced investment management expertise.
  • RCI Digital Message Surveillance (DMS): Revolutionizing Digital Conversation Management
    Backed by the power of SS&C's Risk & Compliance Intelligence Platform (RCI), DMS provides Black Diamond users with a highly customizable and comprehensive feature set that supports the analysis and archiving of all digital-based conversations (email, text, social media messages, and investor/advisor communications) and fully integrates with investor account and advisor information.


Our mission is clear: help more advisors delight their clients and prospects in a changing world. Our commitment to delivering value to the advisory market remains unwavering. While we will always explore new avenues for growth, our core focus remains steadfast, with a continuous focus on solving problems effectively for our clients.

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