Connect with Tech: Introducing Black Diamond Expressions

Bjorn Widerstedt – 09/09/2020

Connect with Tech: Introducing Black Diamond Expressions

"We exist to make advisors great, and to be an extension of our clients' team."

This phrase was coined in the early days of the Black Diamond® Wealth Platform, and it has remained the product's 'why' ever since. Throughout the last 15 years, the Black Diamond product team has positioned collaboration as a lead theme - and not just internally. By working closely with clients, enhancements are made to the platform to align with the needs of the wealth management community; epitomizing a reliable technology partnership.

The heartbeat of such collaboration is the immersive team culture comprised of incredibly talented and passionate people. Every person understands the mission and the importance of being an unwavering partner to each other and our clients. Maximum potential is unleashed because people are not boxed into job functions with narrowly defined roles. New ideas, fresh perspectives, and diverse thinking propel the platform forward. Even when put to the test of remote work, the culture survived and the team has thrived. Ultimately, this philosophy naturally and authentically extends to the firms we serve.

Over the years, Black Diamond has grown from a performance reporting solution to a robust comprehensive wealth platform. Part of that evolution included rebuilding and componentizing the foundational technology to reduce interdependency and ensure readiness for major expansion and rapid changes. The acquisition by SS&C Technologies was also a pivotal moment as it unlocked resources that enabled the development and delivery of an award-winning client portal and best-in-class rebalancing solution.

Looking ahead, the platform strategy will remain well balanced for short, medium, and long-term outcomes. No matter the time horizon, the mission remains client-focused with an emphasis on connecting people through technology. Wealth management should be highly collaborative throughout the entire lifecycle – between the client, the advisory team, and related stakeholders. Technology is the key driver in terms of scale, personalization, quality, and security.

To more broadly demonstrate the inner workings of a collaborative technology partnership, we decided to invite the entire wealth management community in. The launch of a revamped website brought about the perfect opportunity. Through this blog, we will post relevant perspectives from various members of the product strategy and service teams. You can expect commentary on industry trends, specifics on leveraging Black Diamond, and insights into platform enhancement plans. Some topics include: how to find the right clients and onboard them efficiently, how to build long-lasting trust with clear plans and personalized mobile communications, and how to create operational automation within your practice.

In a world centered on digital mediums, we hope that this blog will add value to you and your business in an easily digestible format - one that breaks down the complexities of technology, and brings clarity to the possibilities.

Curious to learn more about the evolution of the platform? Visit the About Us page. To request a demo, or to learn more about the Black Diamond Wealth Platform, please contact us.