November 27, 2018

factorE empowers users to make decisions quickly. Within seconds, a user can get a picture of the risk of an asset or an entire portfolio. With an enhanced understanding of risks, factorE can help you to better align your portfolios with your clients, enhancing your relationships.

 AlphaCore teamed up with global investment banks to bring a simple interface to sophisticated technology, eliminating the steep learning curve, dedicated staff, and cost prohibitive nature of other risk analytic tools.  factorE fully integrates with Black Diamond Wealth Platform and allows you to build portfolios, understand risks, compare assets or accounts between each other, and print a report to share with clients. 

October 29, 2018

Box is a leader in cloud content management that empowers enterprises to revolutionize how they work by securely connecting their people, information and applications. With a seamless integration into the Black Diamond Wealth Platform’s Document Vault, the frictionless, two-way integration allows all files and folders to be visible and shareable across the two platforms. Thus, enabling an advisory firm to tailor their tech-stack to fit their unique needs, all from one comprehensive platform.

Totum Risk
May 16, 2018

Totum is the only online risk tolerance solution that helps advisors understand how much risk their clients can take based on their life situation (risk capacity). With Totum, advisors can easily customize how they engage with their clients and have in-depth discussions about their Risk Preferences, Risk Capacity and Portfolio Risk.

Totum’s AI capabilities continuously update the risk capacity score based on a person or household’s life situation… similar to a credit score. Any time the portfolio drifts outside of the two scores the advisor is alerted.

Totum’s frontend is user-friendly and its backend uses AI, block chain technology, and quantitative models based on academic algorithms to score risk capacity, risk preference, and the client’s current portfolio. The information is presented in a format that makes it easy for advisors to review with their clients and make accurate portfolio selections.

May 02, 2018

PractiFI is the 11 th CRM partner to integrate with the Black Diamond Wealth Platform. Known as “the business management platform for financial advice,” PractiFI helps advisors engage with clients and achieve operational scale by providing a single source of client information pulled together from the disparate systems used to manage a financial advice business. Built through the Black Diamond API, advisors have access to accurate portfolio data on the client record, increased efficiency in servicing clients, and clear visibility of client investments.

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Cheshire Wealth Manager
March 22, 2018

Cheshire has been building financial planning solutions for more than 20 years, with a focus on independent planners who specialize in high-net-worth clients. Cheshire Wealth Manager uses goal-based or cash flowing planning with Monte Carlo probability analysis to create detailed, easy-to-understand retirement and lifetime income plans. With advanced tax capabilities and audit trails, advisors have the tools to engage new clients and strengthen existing relationships. By integrating with the Black Diamond API, advisors can pull in real-time market value holdings, and cost basis details for new financial plans. Part of the goal with this integration was to eliminate the need for advisors to enter client information on separate systems. 

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Everysk Technologies
March 07, 2018

Everysk Dashboards, by Everysk Technologies, is a front-office platform and leading predictive stress testing solutions that performs early diagnostics, what-if analysis and marketing. It provides comprehensive visual reports to securely share with clients. The integration with enables advisors to have their Black Diamond households, accounts, and holdings automatically appear within Everysk to quickly identify and fix portfolio risk concentrations that do not align with client objectives. 

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