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Stay focused on your main purpose: serving clients and generating new business


Powerful Client Reporting
Generate and present portfolio and performance data to clients with powerful graphical formats.
Interactive Client Relationships
Reach your clients at their point of need with highly configurable content optimized for any device.
View and present investment strategy and portfolio performance in ways consistent with both your needs and the needs of your clients.
Focused Business Insights
Identify the current standing of the business, look for trends and outliers, and examine the details of client relationships.

Everything you need for successful client relationships on a single, holistic, wealth management platform.

Portfolio Management
View portfolios the way you want to manage them and dynamically drill down from summary to detailed information.
Client Reporting
Cater to the needs of high-net-worth clients with modern reports that match the way you tell your story.
Rebalance accounts, portfolios, or households, no matter where the assets are held— right from the platform.
Investor Experience
Tailor your story to clients in a way they can easily understand using the client portal, vault, and communications tools.
Net Worth Reporting
Automatically aggregate all of your clients' assets on the platform, including liabilities, for net worth reporting.
Compile financial plans, performance reports, and other files in one, sleek presentation. Securely save it to clients’ vaults for review.
Understand your revenue stream. Structure your fees the way you want—and communicate them to clients in a way that's easy to understand.
Alternative Investments
Track alternative investments and display positions and performance along with clients' other assets.
Flexibility to choose the integrations that work best for you.
Firm Reporting
Understand how your business is doing and gain new insights with data views designed for decision making.
Data Mining
Find answers quickly and easily. Leverage your aggregated and reconciled client data for compliance and business intelligence.